Waterresort Bodelaeke
Experience stories of owners

Experience stories of owners

This is how beautiful The Nethrelands can be. An area with lots of water and amazing flora and fauna that unfolds in your accommodation's backyard. With its colorful water villas, surrounded by water and reeds, Bodelaeke offers an enchanting, almost magical landscape. For me, it's an amazing destination for escaping the everyday bustle for a while and to recharge my batteries. The specific natural phenomena during each season provide something extra to every stay at the Water Resort. Thanks to the special light, the water reflects all kinds of colors. No matter how many times I visit Bodelaeke, it enchants me every time.

Property to be proud of

As an investor, I had five basic types in all kinds of variations to choose from. All of them were amazing water villas on spacious plots. I inspected them with great care and was allowed to spend a test night at some of the accommodations. In the end, I fell in love with an ochre-yellow Punter with wellness package. I brought these warm colors into the interior of my accommodation too. While doing that, I got some fantastic advice from the Bodelaeke's interior decorators. This way, my accommodation matches my mood excatly as soon as I start driving to Bodelaeke: positive and sunny. A second home that I'm proud of and where I find peace. Even when I can't say no to doing some work on my laptop at the dining table, I can still enjoy the amazing view of the water in my wonderfully big bay window.

Bodelaeke is a project for enthusiasts. People who consciously choose something special, in which the emotional value is more important than maximum returns.