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He will tell you more about the many possibilities in our area with lots of water.

Our family consists entirely of water rats. However, we do this entirely in our own way. I am not a half-bad sports fisherman myself and I regularly attend competitions or preparations for a competition during the weekend. Our 14-year-old twins have been active water scouts for years. They prefer to go on the water in their Laser. My wife mainly loves sunbathing at the water, so that she can take a refreshing dive every now and then. This makes the Water Resort the ideal destination for us. With a draught of 1.60, our boys can sail right to the large Bovenwijde with an upright mast. They were even able to take part in a competition there. As for me, I have some amazing fishing water right at my own patio. I will stay awake tonight for some night fishing. I'm eager to see if I can catch an eel in addition to the enormous pike and the large carp.

My wife is enjoying her stay here as well. She rented a recliner at reception for her regular spot on our large deck. She finally has time to read that book she got for Sinterklaas. In between, she takes a refreshing dive from the jetty and can climb back on land comfortably using the swimming ladder.

She doesn't have to do much during this holiday anyway. The boys receive the breakfast boxes every day at 8:30 a.m. and set the table for breakfast for us. She also went to the supermarket, the Spar in Giethoorn, for us completely voluntarily. Because let's be honest. How cool is it as a sailor to go grocery shopper by sloop on the water?

Water-rich Bodelaeke and its area offer all kinds of opportunities for water sports and activities