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Through the menu below you'll find the quotations and the order form for renovation of the interior or separate orders for furniture for your home. These prices do not include delivery and installation! Prices for delivery and installation can be found through this link and should be seen as the maximum value. For large quantities, a quantity discount can be applied. 

Besides the interior, the curtains of each home have also been examined, and if you so desire you may receive a quotation for this.   You can request this quotation, when including the number of your home, through eigenaren@bodelaeke.nl. 

Because the standard interior differs per type of home and the standard furniture has changed over time, it is important that for the price offer you pick the correct quotation below, so not only the exact type of home, but also the year in which your home was built.  If you are in doubt of the correct quotation, you can contact eigenaren@bodelaeke.nl. They will be more than happy to help you make the correct choice. 

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Order assignment

Through the button below you can open the offer form you can fill out online. By sending this form, you automatically put in an order to replace your furniture. 


Individual order

If you do not wish to replace the entire interior, but only wish to replace or add individual items, you can do so through the order form below.