Waterresort Bodelaeke

A day of being a tourist in Giethoorn

One of our guests went ahead and planned a pleasant day in Giethoorn for you! This is how a wonderful vacation day at our water resort can go. Shall we go ahead and set a date?

The great thing about going on a holiday in our own country is that we can receive visitors in the meantime. Some friends will visit us this afternoon and we've also reserved a table at the Beach Club for the evening. Before we take a seat at the table, we will take our guests to Giethoorn. We will go by water, of course, in our own sloop which is ready at the jetty behind our house. Now that the day tourists have left the canals in Giethoorn, you can enjoy an unimpeded boat trip.

We start our trip at the famous statue of Albert Mol. From there, we enter the touristic heart of Giethoorn. It's always a magnificent sight, the bridges across the water with the beautiful thatched farms and the many hydrangeas in every color. At the end of the canals, we arrive at the Bovenwijde where we enjoy the reflection of the setting sun on the water. The bottle of Prosecco and the finger food we brought now come in handy. It results in good conversation and beautiful romantic photos. Before the sun really disappears and leaves us in the dark, we go back to Bodelaeke and dock our sloop at the marina just in time to enjoy a wonderful dinner.