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Villa Bodelaeke: the restaurant next to Waterresort Bodelaeke!

Sinds the 1st of May 2023, the owners of the locally renowned restaurant Villa Kalkoven (Stefan Hoekstra & Thijs de lange) openend their second restaurant Villa Bodelaeke next to Waterresort Bodelaeke!

Their motto?

"Sustainability and local products lead the way throughout the villa. Recognisable dishes of regional products, but not ordinary. We just add a special touch to everything."

Reservations or questions

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to book a table? Send an e-mail to welkom@villabodelaeke.nl.


Something else?

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  • Sukade Meppel: A cozy restaurant where you can try tastes from all over the world.
  • De Lindehof: A unique experience with two Michelin stars in a beautiful farmhouse, with thatched roof, that exudes character and elegance.
  • Aroi: A small Thai restaurant in the town center of Steenwijk.
  • Grachthof: A restaurant with delicious food in the town center of Giethoorn.
  • Fratelli: An Italian restaurant in the town center of Giethoorn.

There are of course many more options in the area. For a full overview you can go to Thuisbezorgd.nl

State 8355 CN as location, and as delivery address [home number]+ Jonenweg 5 8355 CN Giethoorn.